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Webster City announces beginning of Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project

January 2, 2024

The City of Webster City announces the start of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project, in partnership with HydroCorp. This project signifies a major leap in modernizing the city’s water metering system, with the goal of enhancing service efficiency and resident satisfaction.

The water meter exchange program, integral to the AMI project, will initiate its first phase on January 8, 2024, encompassing routes 4, 11, 14, and 1. Residents on these routes are invited to contact HydroCorp at 1-800-315-4305, option #1, to arrange their meter replacement appointment.

HydroCorp’s skilled technicians will be conducting the replacements, carrying company identification for easy recognition. “Our residents can expect professionalism and expertise. Each HydroCorp technician will be easily identifiable by their company attire and ID badges,” assures Dedra Nerland, Public Works Management Assistant. “It is essential for appointments to be made directly through HydroCorp to facilitate this comprehensive installation process.”

Further details can be found on the City’s dedicated project page.

The adoption of the AMI system ushers in a new era of accuracy and efficiency for Webster City’s water usage measurement. This technology promises improved meter reading precision, advanced leak detection capabilities, and more effective resource management. Additionally, the shift to automated data collection promises significant reductions in manual labor and operational costs.

The City of Webster City appreciates the community’s support and cooperation as they transition to this new system and looks forward to the improvements it will bring.

Last modified: January 2, 2024

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