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City Manager

  • Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez

    City Manager

    Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez returned to Webster City and resumed his role as City Manager on July 26, 2021. He had previously served as the City Manager in Webster City from 2016-2018. Daniel received his B.A. in Political Science from California State University, Northridge and Master of Public Administration degree with a concentration in urban management from Arizona State University where he was also a Marvin Andrews Fellow. He completed the University of Arizona’s Southwest Leadership Program and received a Certificate in Management and Organizations. He started his career as a Section 8 Advisor with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. From 2009-2012 he served as Management Analyst in the City Manager’s Office in Casa Grande, Arizona; he was hired as the City Administrator in Kimball, Nebraska, in 2013. In 2016 he joined the City of Webster City as the City Manager. In 2018 he and his family relocated to Wasco, California where he served as City Manager.

    In January 2020, Daniel achieved the designation of Credentialed Manager (ICMA-CM) under the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). This designation signifies Daniel’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development as a professional city manager. The efficient and effective delivery of city services and management of municipal utilities requires an organizational leader, and an organizational culture, that is constantly learning and striving for best practices and innovative thinking and action. Daniel has achieved this accomplishment through a significant combination of professional development and local government leadership experience above and beyond the daily demands of leading the organization.

    Daniel and his wife have young children who love the many recreation and playground amenities in the community.