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Delinquent Accounts

Late Notices

Customers with balances remaining on their accounts after the due date will have a 1.5% penalty applied to the remaining balance.

Notices are sent out if payments are not received by the due date.

Past Due Notice – sent the business day following the due date.  Customers are given twelve (12) business days to pay their balance before a disconnect notice will be delivered.

Delivery Slip – is delivered to the premises twelve (12) business days after the Past Due Notice.  If a balance over $50 remains after the due date on the Past Due notice, a $30 charge is added to the balance due.

Customers are given 48 hours to pay their balance before their electric and/or water service is disconnected.

Disconnection of Service

If the service has been turned off due to nonpayment, a $45 reconnect fee is added to the balance due.

Once a customer is disconnected, the entire past due balance along with the $45 reconnect fee must be paid in full before service will be restored.

NOTE: Once the past due balance and the $45 reconnect fee is paid the service will then be turned on. The service will be turned on between the hours of 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm of the day of payment.


Payment Options

Prior to the disconnection step, if a customer has extenuating circumstances, forgets to pay their bill, or is having difficulty paying their bill, there are options available to assist with payment of the bill.

The options are:

  • Call Utility Office to make a Promise to pay.  This promise must be fulfilled and not go past the next bill due date.
  • Setting up a payment agreement – customers wishing to set up a payment agreement must stop by the Utility Office in City Hall to sign a reasonable payment agreement. In most cases, the goal is to have the past due amount to be paid within 12 months.
  • Low income individuals can apply for assistance at Upper Des Moines Opportunity (UDMO) located at 711 Seneca Street, Webster City or by calling 515-832-6451 for more information.

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