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City Office: 515-832-9151 | Utility Office: 515-832-9141

Brush and Compost Site

The City of Webster City operates and maintains a Brush and Compost facility where citizens can drop off yard waste and tree branches.  The site is located just east of the Webster City Street Department at 100 East Ohio Street.

The brush and compost site is open and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Most importantly, YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF WEBSTER CITY AND LIVE WITHIN CITY LIMITS

Tree Site

The tree site is only open to residents at this time (no contractors) from Monday – Friday, 7 am – 4 pm. 

At the Tree and Brush site you will find three separate piles:

  1. brush and limb pile,
  2. log pile, and
  3. a mulch pile.

Tree contractors are required to fill out a Tree Disposal Permit and pay $500 per year to utilize the tree and brush site. Click here to view Tree Surgeon Code.

A Tree Surgeon Permit and Tree Disposal Permit can be obtained and paid for at the Webster City Utility Office located in City Hall. 

Street Department Staff tries to keep the log and brush pile separate to allow citizens the opportunity to cut and split wood for fireplaces, bon fires, wood burning stoves and furniture makers.  Each winter a contractor is hired by the City to grind up the entire brush and log pile, turning into mulch.  This pile can be found just east of the brush pile and is free to the public.

Items not accepted at the Brush Site:

• Wooden Pallets

• Shingles

• Construction Lumber

• Garbage

• Tires

• Wooden Fencing

• Landscape Timbers

• Tree Stumps with root ball

Compost Site

The City’s compost site is a popular spot used by most citizens to dispose yard waste and take home compost for gardening, flower pots, and yard work. The compost available for citizen use is recycled grass clippings, leaves, street sweeping material, and plant material brought in by citizens and contractors for years prior. Street Department Staff stores this recycled material in wind-rows, rotating them every month to keep heat in the pile allowing the material to break down. Citizens are welcome and encouraged to take as much compost as they need.

Acceptable material:

• Leaves

• Grass Clippings

• Plant Material

• Garden Material

• Straw

• Paper compostable bags

Please be respectful and don’t dump your personal garbage at these locations. Citizens are welcome and encouraged to take as much compost and tree grinding as they need. 

In addition, the City has a supply of wood chips available – perfect for bedding, with just a hint of dirt mixed in for extra composting power. These chips are also great for weed control around your buildings and trees!

Loading and delivery services are available, depending on the recipient’s location.

For more information or to arrange a pickup or delivery please contact Brandon at the Street Department by calling 515-388-0132.