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Public Works Current Projects

Capital Improvements Plan

On an annual basis, the City of Webster City plans capital improvement projects and equipment needs over the span of five years. The project scheduling is developed according to priorities based upon need, desire, and importance of such improvements to the community within the constraints of the City’s ability to finance as well as implement and administer the projects.

To view the latest adopted Capital Improvement Plan, click here.

Fiscal Year 2022-23 - Projects In Progress

The City has hired Snyder & Associates to conduct a city-wide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) inventory and develop a Compliance Plan. Snyder & Associates has completed their inventory and is planning to gather the community’s input and priorities on the necessary improvements. Examples of improvements that may be necessary, include installation of handicap accessible facilities, sidewalk repairs, and infilling of sidewalk gaps. 
The City conducted a community-wide web-based survey from March 15, 2023, through April 15, 2023, to gather public input.  City staff reviewed the draft plan and the final draft was presented for Council review and acceptance by the end of this year. 

Because of the size of this project, we have a dedicated page where you can find updates and status of the project.  To obtain more information, click here.


The Lincoln Drive reconstruction project includes roadway pavement replacement, a new water main, and rehabilitation of some storm and sanitary sewer structures. The project is substantially completed and is being prepared for closeout. We sincerely appreciate all of the residents and community’s patience as we rehabilitated the road in this neighborhood!

The Fairmeadow Drive Widening and Reconstruction Project will include roadway pavement replacement and rehabilitation.  The road will be widened through the primary commercial section of the corridor to accommodate a center left turn lane and truck turning movements, including some storm sewer modifications.  This project will also include the installation of sidewalk on the north side of the roadway to provide for connectivity from Des Moines Street to Superior Street. In addition to the road work being performed, the water main line will be replaced and increased in size.  Some sanitary and storm sewer repairs will also be part of this project.  It is currently in the planning and design phase and is anticipated to be under construction Spring of 2024 or early Summer 2024.  The City is currently acquiring necessary easements for this project and anticipates letting in the Fall of 2023.

View the Fairmeadow Drive Widening and Reconstruction Project Scope Map

Because of the size of this project, we have a dedicated page where you can find updates and the status of the project.  To obtain more information, click here.

The project converts the overhead electrical to an underground system.  The City has a 25-year plan to convert overhead electrical to underground. The conversion will alleviate overhead outage problems ranging from old copper wire lines needing replacement, to weather influences, to animals climbing resulting in outages and in costly maintenance and repairs, but also help toward obtaining our goal of converting the entire distribution system from overhead to underground.  

The tentative project schedule will be contingent on the lead times of materials. Because of current supply chain and market conditions, the City is anticipating 60-week lead times on some of the major components tied to this project. All materials have been ordered and are awaiting delivery.  It is anticipated that all materials will arrive by the end of 2024.

In 2019, University of Iowa Students completed a Parks and Recreation Master Plan on behalf of the city as part of the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities program.  As part of this study, University of Iowa students interviewed 158 residents and stakeholders in the community. You can read more about the recommendations for a Splash Pad included in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan here.
During the process, students noted that when surveying the public a Splash Pad at East Twin Park was something they consistently heard about and that the City should consider in the future. City Council has received requests for a Splash Pad from citizens in the community over the last several years since then.  Due to the rise in requests, the City Council established this as one of their top goals during the 2022 Goal Setting Session.  You can review the City’s adopted 2022 goals here
City staff provided the City Council with information on Splash Pads at a December 2022 city council meeting.  On February 6, 2023 the City Council approved an agreement with Snyder & Associates to provide professional engineering services associated with the design and construction management of a splash pad.  The proposed location is East Twin Park.  A Splash Pad committee was established that consists of two City Councilmembers, one representative from each of the daycare centers in the community, two resident representatives, and one Parks and Recreation Commission member.  The Splash Pad committee members completed a survey on various features and splash pad sizes.  Upon completion of the survey, the information was sent to the consulting engineer for them to consolidate and put together a Request for Proposals for materials.

The Splash Pad committee met in July to finalize the Request for Proposals.  On August 8, 2023 the City Council voted to proceed with the Splash Pad project.  The City is actively pursuing grants to help off-set the cost of the project and has launched a fundraising campaign.  To help support the project, you can write a check to the City of Webster City with a note in the memo stating, “Splash Pad” and drop it off at Fuller Hall, 625 Bank Street or City Hall, 400 Second Street, during normal business hours or place it in the City Hall drop off payment box.  You may also donate online via the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation Fund and note “Splash Pad” in the comments: desmoinesfoundation.org/WebsterCityParksRec

The Splash Pad will be a 3,500 SF pass-through system with activator switches.  The water will only flow when a user has activated the switch.  The City will have control over the water feature run times and sequence in which they turn on when activated by users. The Splash Pad will be located at East Twin Park.  You can view plans here.  The estimated construction start date is Spring 2024 with a completion of Summer 2024.

The City selected a Pass Through System vs. a Recirculating System for the following reasons:

• A pass-through system is more cost effective upfront.  A recirculating system would cost an additional $575,000 to $675,000 upfront than a pass through system.  The estimate for a pass through system is $450,050 vs. $1,025,050 to $1,125,050 for a recirculating system.

• The pass-through system is simpler to operate and maintain.

• If a recirculation system had been chosen, the water would require chemical and ultra-violet lighting treatment; additional monitoring and water sampling; and regular refilling of the recirculation tank as water is diverted from making it back to the tank by users and evaporation.

• Because of the level of treatment required, there is more risk for diseases if chemicals are not kept up properly.

For more information about the project or an opportunity to be a corporate sponsor, please contact Breanne Lesher at 515-832-9125 or via email at blesher@webstercity.com.

Splash Pad Press Release 

Splash Pad Fundraiser Notice 


Seneca Foundry makes $50,000 donation to the Webster City’s Splash Pad Project
Read the official press release

KC Nielsen makes $5,000 donation to the Webster City Splash Pad Project.

People’s Credit Union makes a $5,000 donation to the Webster City Splash Pad Project.

Webster City Custom Meats makes a $25,000 donation to the Webster City Splash Pad Project.
Read the official press release

On April 3, 2023, the City approved an agreement with Schlotfeldt Engineering, Inc. to provide professional engineering services needed to rehabilitate the courthouse at Wilson Brewer Park.  The project is currently out for bid and a public hearing is scheduled on May 15, 2023, to award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder. 
The contract was awarded to Peterson Construction.  Peterson Construction has started working on the courthouse.

Fiscal Year 2022-23 - Completed Projects

The City received a Traffic Engineering Assistance Program grant from the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) late 2021. The consulting engineering firm procured by the IDOT for this project performed observations and analysis of the areas surrounding the schools to identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations on how to improve the safety associated with transportation surrounding the schools in Webster City.  HR Green reviewed findings with the City Council.  The City Council approved the study on February 6, 2023. Staff will pursue grant opportunities to assist with implementation of some of the recommendations noted in the study. 

View the Traffic and Safety TEAP Study

The City replaced concrete panels along the Boone River Trail at two locations with Community Development Block Grant funds. Woodruff Construction completed the work on April 28, 2023.