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Mosquito Control

In 2018, the City of Webster City purchased two (2) truck mounted ULV (Ultra Low Volume) mosquito foggers from Clarke Mosquito Company to control the spread of mosquitoes. The City is responsible for the treatment and monitoring of standing water via catch basins, drains, roadside ditches, retention ponds, ravines and other city right of ways where mosquitoes may breed. Mosquito control is not only to eliminate adult mosquitoes from the biting nuisance, but to reduce the risk of viruses such as West Nile and Zika. 

City crews spray/fog twice a month beginning in May and finishing in September. Operators start at roughly 9 PM and can get through the entire town within two and a half hours. 

Public Notice of spray/fog

City of Webster City Facebook page
• KQWC Radio
City website

Interesting Facts

• Mosquito spray/fog application is most effective after dark when mosquitoes are most active.

• Mosquito spray/fog application is not allowed when wind speeds reach 10+ mph.

• City crews will not spray/fog in the rain.

• As a homeowner, eliminate stagnant ponding water on your property, mosquitoes are attracted to these areas.

• Rinse, scrub and refill birdbaths weekly.

• Empty wading pools weekly or store inside when not in use.

• Empty water from pool and hot tub covers weekly.

• Check for clogged rain gutters.

• Mosquitoes are attracted to those wearing darker colored clothing.

• Use citronella candles.

• Mosquitoes do not like a breezy environment