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Boards & Commissions

Board and Commission members provide a valuable link to the community and assist in the development of policy recommendations to the City Council. They provide leadership and support to the City as they are a resource with their expertise and insight into numerous areas.

To view the City of Webster City’s current Boards and Commissions and their members, click on the information below.

If you are interested in serving on a city board or commission, you can download and complete a Board and Commission Application and submit for consideration. Appointments are made as terms expire each year.

Senior Citizens Center Advisory Board
(Meet on call - Fuller Hall Recreation Center)
Em Loughry (2021)
Bob Erickson (2020)
Larry Flaws (2020)
Vacant (2020)
Park & Recreation Commission
(Meet third Tuesday of each month - Fuller Hall Recreation Center)
Chris Kehoe (2020)
Allison Appel (2023)
Zoami Calles Sosa (2023)
Tyrone Wohlford (2022)
Ann Kness (2023)
City Planning & Zoning Commission
(Meet second Monday of each month - City Hall)
Jill Burnettt (2023)
James Kumm (2022)
Lynn Jaycox (2020)
Carolyn Cross (2021)
Shelby Kroona (2022)
Sabrina Wohlford (2020)
Vacant (2020)
Steve Struchen – County – Chairman (2023)
Doug Bailey – County (2023)
Building Code Board of Appeals
Zoning Board
City Building Official
Fire Chief
Hotel Motel Tax Board
(Meet twice a year on grant applications - May-June and October-November - City Hall)
Andy Sowle (2023)
Linda Conaway (2021)
Kyle Swon (2023)
Zachary Schumacher (2023)
Jamie Seiser (2021)
Civil Service Commission
(Meet on call - City Hall)
David Engstrom (2020)
George Caggiano (2021)
Trish Bahrenfuss (2022)
Fair Housing Board
John Hawkins – Chairman
Brian Miller – Vice Chairman
Matt McKinney
Katelinn Hartmann
Logan Welch
Zoning Board of Adjustment
(Meet second Tuesday of the month as needed - City Hall)
Dan Goodpaster (2021)
Jose Burgos-Lozada (2022)
John Daniels (2020)
Dane Barner (2024)
Connie Evans (2023)
Bridget Chambers – County (2021)
Kim Wittig – County (2023)
Traffic Committee
(Meet second Monday of the month as needed - City Hall)
Harlan Balsley (2020)
Paul Dahl (2019)
Shiloh Mork (2022)
Kyle Heffernan (2023)
Ryan Rippentrop (2023)
Airport Commission
(Meet 4th Tuesday at City Hall
Diane Knudsen (2021)
Sabrina Wohlford (2022)
Scott Bargfrede (2023)
Steve & Mike Luedtke – Manager
Airport Zoning Commission
Gerald Peterson – City (2021)
Vacant – City (2025)
Randy Olson – County (2020)
Eric Fonken – County (2024)
Airport Zoning Board of Adjustment
Gary Westrum – City (2021)
Vacant – City (2023)
Doug Bailey – County (2023)
Dr. Mike Tindall – County (2023)
Wilson Brewer Historic Park Commission
(Meet third Tuesday of the month - City Hall)
Lindsay McCormick-Welch (2020)
Gary Groves (2020)
Jay Talbot (2021)
Kim Anderson (2021)
Ketta Lubberstedt-Arjes (2022)
Youth Advisory Commission
Aiden Feltz – Webster City Middle School (2020)
Cody Seiser – Webster City Middle School (202)
Vacant – Webster City Middle School (2020)
Annastacia Iverson – Webster City Middle School (2020)
Anna Atchinson – Webster City High School (2020)
Vacant – Webster City High School (2020)
Logan Welch – Webster City City Council Representative


Fred M Fuller Board of Trustees
John Van Diest (2025)
Mary Fortune (2023)
Ann Kness (2023)
Dan Asklund (2021)
Farmers National Bank dba Availa Bank  (Life term per Fred M Fuller will) Рrepresentative Beth Wurth
Kendall Young Library & Trust Estate
Steve Vandezande (2025)
Carol Yanda (2021)
Gayette Grimm (2024)
Heidi Barrick (2024)
Crystal Gordon (2023)