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Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project

Project Timeline

Due to a delay in the arrival of the electric meters, the start date for electric meter installation has been rescheduled from October 2023 to January 2024.

Water meter installation is anticipated to begin in January. HydroCorp will be reaching out to residents late November/first of December with their scheduling process.

Scheduled Replacement Program Roll Out

The City will announce and identify the electric meter changeout locations via route numbers. If staff discovers your electric meter is located inside, instructions for scheduling will be left on your door.

Download and view the map

MAP#1 Meter Routes

Note: Active routes not reflected on the map are 13 (Industrial) and 19 (Rural/Farm).

How to identify your route

On your utility bill, you will find your account number. The digits BEFORE the decimal reflect your route.

Example: If your account number is 9.000000.01 – then you are on route 9.

Download and view the sample utility bill

utility bill info

If you've misplaced your letter containing the scheduling code, please don't hesitate to contact HydroCorp by calling 1-800-315-4305 and then Option #1. Their customer service representatives can retrieve your scheduling information using your service address.


The City of Webster City is working with technicians from HydroCorp to perform the community-wide replacement program of all current water meters and reading devices. 

The HydroCorp technician will be identifiable with a company shirt and identification badge.

Appointments for the meter installation MUST BE SCHEDULED through the approved third-party contractor, HydroCorp who specializes in community-wide installation programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is AMI?

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of equipment, communications and information management systems for utilities to remotely collect customer water and electric usage data in near real time. It has multiple benefits including more informed customers who would have the ability to monitor their water use in near real time, increased operational efficiency, and the ability to make better data-driven decisions.

What is involved in the AMI upgrade?

This project will involve installing new electric and water meters in our entire service territory. The new equipment (smart meters) will allow us to provide improved service, operational savings, and better billing information.

What is the smart meter installation process?

The Webster City Line Department will complete the electric meter installations tied to this project. The City anticipates beginning the electric meter change outs late fall 2023. The City will deliver door hangers notifying you in advance when staff is expected to be in your area. Be on the lookout for the door hangers with information pertaining to your area.

Who is HydroCorp and what is their involvement?
The City has outsourced the AMI water meter installation with an experienced water meter install company by the name of HydroCorp, headed by a licensed Master Plumber. Their installation process will be slightly different than the electric. In the next few months, you will receive an introduction letter from HydroCorp defining their process and requesting that you schedule an appointment.

For community protection, HydroCorp will have photo identification cards to present to anyone with concerns.

What will the AMI upgrade cost me?

There will be no additional customer bill charges.

Will the smart meter interfere with other electronic equipment in my home or office?

No. The radio transmission operates in compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC Regulations) to avoid interference with other electronic devices.

Are smart meters harmful to my health?

Smart meters utilize RF technology and represent no known health hazards and emit significantly lower exposure levels than most other typical devices that emit RF, such as cellular phones, wireless routers and microwave ovens. 

Do I have to have a smart meter installed?

Smart meters are now the industry standard. All customer homes and businesses will be upgraded to the AMI. The efficiency of our billing, technology, and operations systems will rely on this technology. Existing meters will become obsolete, hurt efficiencies, and drive-up costs.

Are your water shut off valves in good working order?

The City’s Inspection Department will inspect your valves free of charge! Please call 515-832-9139 to schedule an appointment.

If a homeowner needs utility service updates, are there resources available?

Has information been sent out to all residents regarding this program?

The City has provided various utility bill inserts and provided information in the Daily Freeman-Journal’s September Our Town publication that provided information to help residents understand the process and answer their questions.

A public forum was held on September 25th and a second public forum has been set for December 6, 2023, in the Webster City City Council Chambers to allow residents to ask their questions in person and speak to City personnel. A flyer was shared throughout the community including through local news channels and on social media to promote this event to local residents.


Will the new electric meter require the homeowner an electrical panel upgrade?

No. The homeowner will not need to make an electrical panel upgrade.

We have solar, so I want to make sure the new meter will also be directional.

We will have meters to accommodate our renewable customers.