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City Office: 515-832-9151 | Utility Office: 515-832-9141

Establishing and Discontinuing Service

Establishing Service

Customers wishing to establish service will need to complete a customer application and pay deposit or submit a credit reference at the Utility Office in City Hall.

Residential customers
 are required to do one of the following before service will be established:

  • Submit a 12-month Credit Reference from their previous Utility showing no late payments, no returned checks and no shut offs in the last 12 months
  • Or pay a deposit that is determined by highest utility bill the past 12 months at that location.

Business/Commercial Customers  are required to pay a deposit that is determined by highest utility bill in the past 12 months at that location. Minimum deposit for this is $200.00.  This deposit will stay on the account until closed.

If service needs to be turned on the same day as the application is completed, the application needs to be at City Hall prior to 2:00 pm.

Discontinuing Service

Customers must contact the City of Webster City Utility Billing Office in person or by phone to discontinue service. Utility Billing office is located at City Hall. Disconnection of service can be done on the same day of notification as long as it is before 2:00 PM. A meter reading will be obtained on the date requested. If property is a rental the City has three (3) business days to contact a Landlord.

Final Bills

Final bills are created once a month and are due upon receipt.

Deposit Return

  • Customers are eligible to get their deposits back after making 12-monthly payments on time.
  • For residential customers, the final bill will be subtracted from their deposit and the remainder (if applicable) will be mailed as a refund check.
  • If a customer moves to another property, the deposit and final bill will be transferred to their new address.

An additional deposit may be required if bills at the new address are higher, based on customers payment history.