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Storm Sewer

Webster City Street Department crews are responsible for maintenance, repair and replacement of all storm sewer mains, catch basins and manholes. The City’s storm sewers carry surface water runoff from rain, melting snow and miscellaneous water, such as irrigation systems. These main truck lines zig zag there way throughout the city carrying storm water to streams, ponds, and rivers.    

• There are approximately 1,097 catch basins.

• There are 500 manholes that belong to the City.

• There are approximately 35 miles of storm sewer main.

• There are roughly 100 outflows.

• Storm sewer pipe size ranges from 6 inch to 6 feet.

• The Street Department has a Jet Trailer that is used for emergencies when storm sewer mains become backed up or clogged with debris.

• The City has a on call contractor, Hydro-Klean that Cleans (jets), televises and root cuts storm sewer mains on a yearly basis.

Where can I see the storm sewer system?

• Roadside curb inlets

• Row ditch/swale inlets

• Roadside ditches

• Grass channels

• Rip rap

• Pipe outfalls

• Manholes

• Culverts

• Retention ponds