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City invites utility users to learn about upcoming smart meter installations

September 21, 2023

Your water and electrical meters will be getting a makeover beginning this fall as the City of Webster City implements Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

In short, AMI will read your meters remotely.

To accomplish this, the entire service area will get new smart meters that will communicate and manage the flow of information from your water and electrical meters to the city.

“The new equipment (smart meters) will allow us to provide improved service, operational savings, and better billing information,” the city states in its media release.

Anyone who has questions about the installation of the new meters is encouraged to attend a Project Information Forum Monday night, September 25, in the council chamber of City Hall, 400 Second St., Webster City.

The forum runs from 5 to 7 p.m.

In November, the city’s electrical department will begin the changeout of electrical meters. It’s anticipated the electrical meter installations will continue into the beginning of 2024. Originally, the installation of these meters was expected to begin in October, but there has been a delay in shipping.

Water meter replacements will begin early in 2024, according to the city’s anticipated timeline.

While the city’s electricians will conduct the electrical meter changeouts, it will be technicians from HydroCorp that will replace water meters and reading devices.

“The HydroCorp technician will be identifiable with a company shirt and identification badge,” the city states. “Appointments for the meter installation must be scheduled through … HydroCorp who specializes in community-wide installation programs.”

HydroCorp will be reaching out to residents in either late November or the first of December with the scheduling process.

Customers will be expected to make sure their interior water shut off valve works prior to the appointment. It’s suggested that the interior valves and the valves on the city side are operational.

“If the inlet valve leaks or fails during the meter replacement, it is the property owner’s responsibility to replace or repair the valve,” the city states. “If it is found to be unsafe to exchange the meter due to accessibility or because of obvious deterioration of the valve, the meter exchange will have to be rescheduled after the property owner has made the necessary repairs. Customers may replace/repair the valve themselves or contract a plumber of their choosing. HydroCorp and the City of Webster City will not complete the repair work.”

Dedra Nerland, the city’s public works management assistant, said the changing of existing electrical meters will not force anyone to make interior upgrades.

In rare instances, a meter socket could break, she said, but the city electricians doing the installations will be prepared for that possibility and will fix them quickly.

“No one would be left stranded without power,” she said.

Regarding water valves, the city’s Inspection Department will inspect valves free of charge. To schedule an appointment, call 515-832-9139.


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Last modified: September 21, 2023

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