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Automated traffic enforcement is coming to Webster City in the fall

June 20, 2023

Webster City will add automated traffic enforcement devices to its law enforcement portfolio in the fall of this year.

An ordinance passed and adopted Monday by the City Council of Webster City amends the community’s Code of Ordinances to allow the installation of the devices.

The issue passed in a split vote, with Councilperson Abbie Hansen voting against the third reading and adoption.

According to Biridiana Bishop, assistant city manager, four devices will be installed.

“Camera locations are subject to Iowa DOT (Department of Transportation) permit approval,” Bishop said Monday, “and are currently planned to be located on Briggs Woods Road (Iowa Highway 17) near Millards Lane both east and westbound, and on (U.S.) Highway 20 near the water tower, both north and southbound.”

Bishop added, “We anticipate the installation to be completed by the end of September of this year. Once the implementation is completed, we will select a go-live date and begin implementing the 30-day warning period. During this time, violators will receive a warning notice and will not be required to pay a fine. After the 30-day warning period has expired, violators will receive notices of violation with fines.”

During the meeting, Councilperson Matt McKinney noted that as part of the automated enforcement speeders must be at least 11 mph over the speed limit to be issued a citation. McKinney called that “excessive speeding.”

Local law enforcement will review the citations.

Sensys Gatso, a Swedish firm that operates worldwide and with offices in Marion, Iowa, will install the system. That agreement was made on April 17. According to a previous presentation before the City Council, there is no upfront cost to implement the system. Revenue from paid violations is shared between Sensys Gatso and the City of Webster City.

The fee schedule will be determined in July, Bishop said during the meeting.

“We do not have any revenue projections for the first year of implementation,” Bishop said earlier Monday.

The chosen device sites are at least in part a product of Sensys Gatso research. It a previous presentation the firm identified the following locations it thought needed automated enforcement:

. Iowa Highway 17 (near Closz Drive)

. U.S. Highway 20

. East Second Street

. 220 Street (near Second Street).


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Last modified: June 20, 2023

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