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City council signs off on Wilson Brewer Park project

June 6, 2023

Originally erected in 1866 with a cost of less than $2,000, the first Hamilton County Courthouse has stood the test of time. After it had served its purpose of holding public offices and an upstairs courtroom, the two-story building was converted into private housing and moved to the corner of Union St. and Bank St. in Webster City.

In 1985, the courthouse was brought over to the Wilson Brewer Park, located at 220 Ohio St.

While the building is starting to show some wear and tear, the City of Webster City and the Wilson Brewer Park Committee set its sights on renovating the building back in 2019. In June of 2021, the city held off on project bids for improving the building. This was due to supplier issues.

After a near two-year wait, however, the first Hamilton County Courthouse will experience a long awaited facelift.

In the City Council of Webster City’s latest meeting, held on Monday at the Council Chambers within City Hall, 400 Second St., Webster City, a contact was signed to push forward on the Wilson Brewer Courthouse Structural Improvement Project.

The building is scheduled to be fully renovated by the beginning of 2024.

Before passing the resolution authorizing the project, the council held a public hearing. The public hearing on the project was originally set for May 15, but was tabled for Monday’s meeting.

The project, which will cost $235,100, includes a reconstruction of load bearing walls and roof system, construction of new basement and second story accesses and replacement of north entry doors and exterior door trim. New heating, ventilation and sump pump equipment will be installed, along with new interior lighting and new storm windows.

Selected siding and trim will be replaced, along with the refinishing of the first and second level floors. The building will receive a new exterior paint job, with white siding and black trim.

Four window sills will also get replaced.

The project was awarded to Peterson Construction of Webster City, which beat out one other bid.

The Wilson Brewer Park Committee was able to secure funding, along with funds generated by the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation and a Hotel/Motel Grant. Schlotfeldt Engineering, based in Webster City, recommended the bid from Peterson Construction.

Before moving into a closed session at the 27-minute mark of the meeting, the council agreed to a work agreement with the Webster City Police Department for 2021 through 2024 and approved the second reading of an amended ordinance for automated traffic enforcement.

Council member Marty McKinney requested a third reading for the ordinance, which will pave the way for speed cameras off of Highway 17 and Highway 20. The third reading of the ordinance will allow for more public input.


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Last modified: June 6, 2023

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