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City Council passes resolution to knock down unsafe properties

May 16, 2023

It’s an issue within smaller towns in Iowa, especially in more rural communities. It can be an eyesore, and it can be expensive to clear out.

Derelict properties are an issue that is widespread in this part of the world, and the City of Webster City is working to take care of five of those locations.

The City Council of Webster City moved to seek bids for the demolition of five derelict properties owned by the city during their latest regular meeting, held on Monday evening within the Council Chambers of City Hall, 400 Second St., Webster City.

The city will limit bids to $140,000.

These municipally-owned and unsafe homes are located at 403 Broadway St., 714 Park Ave., 1033 Third St., 1112 Third St. and 1417 Third St. They had been viewed by city staff, and were deemed beyond rehabilitation.

Four of the lots could be redeveloped, while one cannot, due to its location within the floodplain.

403 Broadway St. had extensive water damage, rotting flooring and a deteriorating foundation, while the lot off of 714 Park Ave. was abandoned and sustained fire damage. Due to the latter being within the flood plan, it could not be redeveloped.

1033 Third St. also had significant damage due to fire, as 1112 Third St. was dealt with fire damage. Lastly 1417 Third St. had water damage, a faulty foundation with mold throughout the structure.

All of these properties were tested for asbestos. Only one, the lot off of Park Ave. had substantial amounts of the hazardous material, while the others had minimal amounts that would be abated before demolition.

There is a budget for demolition, and the city intends to use its $49,510 from the previous fiscal year budget before dipping into the $100,000 budget from the 2024 fiscal year.

Within the 34-minute meeting, the council also agreed to an interim plan review for various projects within city limits, and allowed for the purchase of two traffic signal sensors. These 360-degree cameras will be placed at the intersections of Ohio St. and Superior St. and of Bank St. and Superior St.

The cameras will monitor traffic and adjust the flow of traffic, as need be.

The previous sensors were installed in 1991, and have shown many issues over the past several months.


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Last modified: May 16, 2023

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