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Applications being accepted for City Boards and Commissions

March 29, 2021

The City of Webster City is currently accepting applications for vacancies on the following City Boards and Commissions:

Airport Commission (Term ending 5/31/2025)

Zoning Board of Adjustment (Unexpired term ending 5/31/2023 and Regular term ending 5/31/2026)

City Planning & Zoning Commission (Regular term ending 5/31/2025)

Civil Service Commission (Regular term ending 4/1/2024)

Hotel/Motel Tax Board (WC Motel Representative, Unexpired term ending 5/31/23; Business Representative term ending 5/31/2025; & Public-at-Large term ending 5/31/25)

Wilson Brewer Historic Park Committee (Regular term ending 5/31/25; County Representative term ending 5/31/25)

Traffic Study Committee (Unexpired term ending 5/31/2023)

Senior Citizens Advisory Board (Regular term ending 5/31/2024)

Airport Zoning Board of Adjustment (Unexpired term ending 5/31/2023 and Regular term ending 5/31/26)

Airport Zoning Commission (Regular term ending 5/31/2027)

Youth Advisory Commission (3 vacancies Grades 6-8; 3 vacancies Grades 9-12)

This application process is in an effort to ensure diversity and representation of our community. Applicants must be current residents of Webster City. This position is voluntary and applications must be returned to the City Clerk’s Office.

Due to the COVID-19 guidelines, City Hall is currently closed to the public, therefore applications can be returned by mail or put in the drop box on the West side of City Hall.  They can also be emailed to City Clerk Karyl Bonjour at karyl_bonjour@webstercity.com.

Should City Hall re-open prior to the deadline for applications to be returned, they can be dropped off at the City Clerk’s Office at that time as well.

Applications need to be returned by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 14, 2021. If not all vacancies are filled, applications will continue to be received until vacancies are filled.

For more information or to acquire an application, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 832-9141 or City Manager’s Office at 832-9151, 400 Second Street, Webster City, Iowa.

Last modified: March 29, 2021

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