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First meeting of year

January 5, 2021

The City Council of Webster City met for a reorganization meeting Monday night, gathering for the first time for 2021.

The council met via Zoom conferencing platform and the meeting was also carried live on Facebook.

A series of appointments and annual resolutions were approved during the meeting.

City Clerk Karyl Bonjour was again appointed to her position for a two-year term. Deputy City Clerk Elizabeth Ann Smith was also appointed to another term, ending on Dec. 31, 2022.

The council returned Zach Chizek to the position of city attorney for a two-year term, ending on Dec. 31, 2022.

Adam Dickinson was appointed as a representative to the North Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association. Ken Wetzler was appointed as an alternate representative.

Brian Stroner was named the Right to Know Coordinator and Larry Flaws was appointed as a representative to the Greenbelt Advisory Commission.

Mayor John Hawkins will serve on the Hamilton County Resource Enhancement Committee, while Councilman Brian Miller and Logan Welch were appointed to serve on the Webster City Day Care board, and the Riverview Early Childhood Center board, respectively.

Matt Alcazar will serve as a representative to the Pathfinders (MIDAS) Transportation Advisory Committee, with Larry Flaws named as an alternate representative.

Police Chief Shiloh Mork was appointed as a representative to the Hamilton County E 911 Service Board. Fire Chief Charles Stansfield will serve as an alternate.

Hawkins was also appointed to serve on the Hamilton County Emergency Management Commission with Charles Stansfield serving as alternate.

The council passed a resolution authorizing City Finance Director Dodie Wolfgram to invest city funds and authorized the city clerk to issue warrants of payment of certain types of expenditures. Additionally, a resolution was passed authorizing the city clerk to issue and deliver warants for the payroll upon receiving approval by the city manager.

The regular meetings for the City Council in the coming year were established as the first and third Monday of each month at 6 p.m.

The council also established the depositories for the city and set the maximum amount that can be kept on deposit at each. The following institutions were approved as depositories: Availa Bank, Webster City; First State Bank, Webster City; WCF Financial Bank, Webster City; People’s Credit Union, Webster City; United Bank of Iowa, Fort Dodge; and Iowa Public Agency Investment Trust, West Des Moines. The maximum deposit was set at $23 million for each entity.

The Daily Freeman-Journal was named the official city newspaper.


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Last modified: January 5, 2021

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