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Council OK’s funds for Chamber

December 22, 2020

The Webster City City Council approved the third reading of an ordinance that would allow the Webster City Chamber of Commerce to be allotted annual funds from the hotel/motel tax revenue funds.

The council met virtually using the Zoom teleconferencing platform Monday night. The meeting was also carried on the city’s Facebook page.

The ordinance will allocate $27,000 per year from hotel/motel tax funds. The Chamber would then provide the City Council with an annual report on the use of the funds prior to the next year’s distribution of funds.

For January 2021, there would be carryover amount of $19,105.35 from the previous grant year, plus $7,894.65 to total the $27,000.

Community Vitality Director Lindsay Henderson said in a memo to the council earlier this month that the Chamber each year has applied for a hotel/motel grant, competing with other organizations for available funding. Not having to apply for the grant each year would save time and effort from the chamber, and would provide a sense of budget security for planning purposes, Henderson said in the memo.

The measure was passed and adopted.

A public hearing was set for the proposed plans and specifications and proposed contract and estimate of cost for the 2021 Street Reconstruction Project. The council set Feb. 1 at 6:05 p.m. as the date and time of the hearing.

Public Works Director Ken Wetzler said the project would involve Second St., just east of Beach Street, to the bridge on Overpass Drive. Bid lettings would take place on Jan. 21 at 3 p.m. with the public hearing and contracts to be awarded Feb. 1. Project completion would be expected in November 2021.

A resolution accepting and executing an easement from John and Shirley Svenson for the 2020 Water Main Repair Project was approved.

Wetzler said the easement was for the west side of the Des Moines Street bridge.

“Currently the water main hangs on the bridge over the Boone River. The insulation for protecting that water main from freezing seems to be deteriorating at a fast rate,” he said. The easement gives the city the possible option of replacing the main under the river if feasible.

The council also approved a motion to refer the vacation of a portion of Union Street to the Planning and Zoning Commission for review.

“This is just another issue that the council is required under the municipal code to pass on to the Planning and Zoning Commission for their study and recommendation before you would make a decision, “ said Planning Director Karla Wetzler.

She explained that there was a prospect interested in the corner Superior and Second streets, but in order for their plans to work, the unused portion of Union Street would have to be included in the sale. Planning and Zoning would look at the parcel to see it is a viable option to vacate and dispose of the property.


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Last modified: December 22, 2020

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