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Colorful murals brighten up downtown Webster City

June 21, 2019

If you drive through downtown Webster City this rainy morning you will find twelve colorful murals to brighten your day on the corner of Des Moines and 2nd Street. The murals were funded through a grant partnership between the City of Webster City and the University of Iowa. The artist, Ali Hval, just graduated with her MFA and has worked with the University to complete several previous mural projects across the state.

Earlier this year, Community Vitality Director, Lindsay Henderson, brought the artist together with representatives from Arts R Alive and the owners of Chicago Style to discuss the potential theme for the mural. All of the figures represent significant community features and historical figures.

Starting from the northwest corner they include the following:

1. Kayak & Paddle – representing our renowned Boone River Water Trail
2. Webster City’s Elevator Silos & Main Street USA sign
3. Doodlebug – Once manufactured in Webster City and still celebrated annually with the Doodlebug Reunion
4. Racecar – Home of the Hamilton County Speedway
5. Movie Theater Marquee – with H.E.R.O. to honor the nonprofits group’s success with the theater restoration.
6. McKinlay Kantor – One of Webster City’s two Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, a distinction unique to our community.
7. Kendall Young Library – A true Webster City Gem
8. Kendall Young – Philanthropist who gave us our library.
9. Jane Young – Kendall Young’s wife, best known for the Jane Young House
10. Wilson Brewer Cabin – Webster City settler cabin at Wilson Brewer Historical Complex
11. Lynx – Webster City’s school mascot
12. Dove – Request from the owner of Chicago Style, Diana Castro. Symbol of Hope and peace for the future of Webster City and its residents.

The colorful geometric shapes are an abstract reflection of architectural and geographical features found throughout the community, and running through the design is a blue-green river that transforms into a ribbon carried forward by the dove of hope.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who provided input, helped to paint and install the murals! We hope everyone enjoys this colorful addition to our community!

Last modified: June 21, 2019

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