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Council approves subscription to community calendar service

January 8, 2019

by CHAD THOMPSON – Daily Freeman-Journal

The City Council on Monday unanimously approved the services of a company designed to help integrate all of the community’s events on one calendar.

The city will subscribe to Locable Service at a cost of up to $3,500 annually for the service.

According to Lindsay Henderson, community vitality director, the service will allow the city site to import calendars such as the the school calendar and Chamber of Commerce calendar into one easy-to-use calendar on the city’s website.

“This is just a different strategy that is cost-effective and takes less time,” Henderson said.

She added, “This has come up from people in the community, that they want better collaboration.”

“I think for the cost, it’s worth it,” Councilman Matt McKinley said.

Councilman Logan Welch added, “To get an accurate collaboration of a community calendar, it’s a relatively small dollar amount.”

Henderson requested the full $3,500, but said the package may end up costing less.


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Last modified: January 8, 2019

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