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Webster City Fire Department responds to fire at the Hamilton County Maintenance Shed

December 17, 2018


On Sunday, December 16th at 5:18 a.m., the Webster City Fire Department responded to a possible structure fire with explosions at 1605 Second St. Webster City, IA. Webster City Fire Department responded to the call and found the Hamilton County Maintenance Shed fully involved on the east side of the building. Command was established, and several divisions began fighting the fire.

Ladder 31 was established on the North side to work on penetrating the building with master streams. Mutual aid was requested for Woolstock FD, Stanhope FD and Duncombe FD. All mutual aid departments assisted with fire attack, and water supply and manpower. E33 established large attack lines to stop the fire from spreading to the West part of the structure. The fire was stopped around the middle of the structure. The East portion of the building and its contents including several vehicles was a complete loss. The State Fire Marshall’s office was contacted and arrived on scene later during the overhaul phase.

The State Fire Marshall’s office in coordination with WCFD Fire Investigators concluded due to the high amount of fire damage that the cause of the fire would remain undetermined. Hamilton County employees brought out large equipment to remove some of the debris so the firefighters would be able to extinguish hidden hot spots. Once the area was investigated and fully extinguished, the WCFD turned the scene back over to Hamilton County.

This was a great effort by all Webster City Firefighters, Duncombe FD, Stanhope FD, and Woolstock FD. The WCFD would like to thank these departments along with the other local entities that supported the firefighters through assisting them and by supplying food and water.

Last modified: December 17, 2018

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