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Council makes appointments to city boards and commissions

June 5, 2018

By BILL SHEA – Daily Freeman-Journal

A bid to appoint former Councilman Mark Gillette to the Airport Commission was rejected by the majority of the Webster City City Council Monday evening.

Councilman Jim Talbot moved to appoint Gillette to a four year term on the commission.

Mayor John Hawkins and councilmen Matt McKinney and Brian Miller voted no. Councilman Logan Welch and Talbot voted yes.

Welch, who seconded the motion to appoint Gillette, said there is a delicate balancing act to be done when filling positions on city commissions and boards. He said the council needs to be able to appoint new people to those posts while acknowledging the experience and service of others.

Welch thanked Gillette for his past service to the community and his willingness to serve again.

He then moved to appoint Sabrina Wohlford to the commission.

Talbot cast the lone vote against the appointment, saying Wohlford has ”no esoteric knowledge of the airport.”

The council filled numerous other commission and board appointments on unanimous votes.

Here’s a summary of those appointments.

• Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission: Tyrone Wohlford

• Zoning Board of Adjustment: Connie Evans

• Planning and Zoning Commission: reappointed Shelby Kroona and James Kumm

• Wilson Brewer Historic Park Committee: Ketta Lubberstedt-Arjes

• Traffic Study Committee: Police Chief Shiloh Mork and Zach Williams

• Senior Citizens Advisory Board: Em Loughry

• Middle school members of the Youth Advisory Commission: reappointed Aiden Feltz and Annastacia Iverson

• High school members of the Youth Advisory Commission: Anna Atchison, Brianna Luke and John Piaszynski


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Last modified: June 5, 2018

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