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All Cultures Equal

Photo Credit: All Cultures Equal

All Cultures Equal (ACE) Community Center is the only place in North Central Iowa that helps people from more than 30 countries to communicate, connect, and live healthy, happy and productive lives. ACE exists to empower people and communities through a unique combination of opportunities to bridge communication gaps, connect cultures, construct pathways to US residency and to enjoy life and health ways.

ACE offers:

Classes – English, Spanish, Cooking, Youth Gardening, Citizenship…

Events – Salsa Festival, Community Thanksgiving Dinner, Community Conversations, MarketplACE, Bingo and more!

Services – Intepretation/Translation, Food Pantry, Immigration, Winter Wardrobe, used furniture and household goods, Connections to other services…

Spaces – Large hall and kitchen, classrooms, community garden, play area and shelter

All Cultures Equal is a one-of-a-kind, public charity, nonprofit organization. That means ACE relies on your financial, in-kind, and volunteer support, small grants; and partnerships in order to keep the door open and offer the opportunities we do.

All the donations to ACE are tax-deductible and the money empowers people in Hamilton County area.



All Cultures Equal Community Center | 1400 Second Street, Webster City