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Tree Encroachment Permit Application

Tree Encroachment Permit Application


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  • NOTE: This form is not the actual permit. This form should be regarded as a worksheet. The actual permit will be issued by the Webster City Inspection Department located at City Hall. The City of Webster City has established different guidelines for the planting of trees in City right of way areas. The right of way area (also called City Parking) is the area typically between the inward most edge (i.e. farthest away from the street) of the sidewalk and the curb of the street. If there is no sidewalk, the right of way area can be defined by calling the Inspection Office at 515-832-9139. If an abutting property owner wants to plant a tree in the City right of way, a Tree Encroachment Permit is required. A Tree Encroachment Permit application can be submitted on-line or in person to the Inspection Department at City Hall. The City Inspector is responsible for coordinating all new tree plantings and the permit will be issued by the City Inspector. Prior to the tree planting, it is a legal requirement to determine all nearby underground utilities by calling 1-800-292-8989 (IOWA ONE CALL). Right of way areas with either underground or overhead utilities may prohibit new tree plantings. Please contact the Inspection Department at 515-832-9139 for assistance with the application process.