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Chief Black Hawk’s Final Resting Place

March 1, 2020

July 11, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Wilson Brewer Park - Mulberry Center Church
220 Ohio St
Webster City, IA 50595
Chief Black Hawk's Final Resting Place @ Wilson Brewer Park - Mulberry Center Church | Webster City | Iowa | United States

Russ Fry, historian from Burlington, IA, will be giving us a presentation on Sauk Indian Chief Black Hawk. This presentation centers around the mystery of the location of Chief Black Hawk’s remains & the continued ambiguity about whether his remains survived a fire that occurred in 1853.
Presenter Russ Fry very adamantly will note that the “history books got it wrong” when it came to Chief Black Hawk and his story. Fry, a retired probation officer, was inspired to begin authoring history books and making documentaries after beginning to research a murder in his own family. The historian’s research focuses mostly on local history in Iowa & is often inspired by small anecdotes that he reads. “I’ll find a small thing & decide to look into it further.” The story surrounding Chief Black Hawk’s final resting place caught Fry’s attention, because there seemed to be so many sources that conflicted with the accepted recorded history.


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