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Hawkins re-elected mayor

January 4, 2022

John Hawkins was re-elected mayor of Webster City Monday night during the City Council reorganizational meeting held at City Hall.

Hawkins will serve a two-year term as will Logan Welch who was elected mayor pro-tem Monday night.

Karyl Bonjour, city clerk, convened the meeting and led the election, prior to handing over the agenda to Hawkins.

The council also reappointed Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez as city manager for Webster City for a two-year term. Ortiz-Hernandez was also appointed as an alternative representative to the North Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association, with Adam Dickinson to serve as the delegate to the association.

Brian Stroner was appointed as the city’s right to know coordinator and Matt Alcazar was appointed representative to the MIDAS Transportation Advisory Committee with Biridiana Bishop, assistant city manager, selected as the alternate representative.

Hawkins was also appointed to the Hamilton County Resource Enhancement Committee. He will also serve as a representative on the Hamilton County Emergency Management commission with Charles Stansfield serving as the alternate.

Councilwoman Megan McFarland was appointed as a representative to the board of the Webster City Daycare. Welch will serve as a representative to serve on the board of the Riverview Early Childhood Center.

Police Chief Shiloh Mork was appointed a representative to the Hamilton County E911 Service board, with Fire Chief Charles Stansfield serving as the alternate.

Bishop was appointed as a representative on the Hamilton County Solid Waste Commission with Ortiz-Hernandez serving as the alternative representative.

In other first-of-the-year housekeeping tasks, the council authorized the city finance director to invest city funds and authorized the city clerk to issue warrants in payment of certain types of expenditures. The city clerk was also authorized to issue and deliver warrants for the payroll upon receiving approval by the city manager.

The council also set the dates and time for the council meetings this year — first and third Mondays of the month at 6 p.m.

The Daily Freeman-Journal was designated as the official city newspaper.


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Last modified: January 4, 2022

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