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Fire Cadet Training

November 24, 2021

Photo above: Conner Hanson, Brandon Lahr Next row- Mason Lake, Jesse Crutcher, Charlie Stansfield, Josh Stansfield Missing- Drew Schwering

This last weekend, the Webster City Fire Department continued with Fire Cadet training. WCFD now has seven Fire Cadets.

Level 1 cadets are Drew Schwering, Charlie Stansfield, Conner Hanson, Josh Stansfield, and Brandon Lahr. The department has also brought on 2 new Fire Cadets, Mason Lake and Jesse Crutcher.

This day the Fire Cadets were training on Fire Extinguishers, Incident Command, and apparatus familiarization. Each cadet works towards becoming a Level 4 cadet, which is being ready to become an active volunteer with WCFD.

If you see one of these Fire Cadets out and about, tell them great job.

Last modified: November 24, 2021

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