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Progress continues

April 29, 2021

Now that warmer weather has arrived, Webster City residents will start to notice that there’s a lot of activity going on at area parks.

“That’s true,” said Larry Flaws, director of recreation and public grounds. “There’s something going on at almost all of the parks.”

This week brought the much awaited pouring of the rubber matting around the new playground and fitness equipment. Flaws said that the surface will need some time to cure before the areas are ready to use. Habhab Construction will be doing ground leveling and soon sidewalks from the street will be added to allow for easy access to the playground and fitness area. Flaws said the new equipment would not be open to the public until the sidewalks have been finished.

Across the street in West Twin Park, preliminary work on the shelter house is getting started. The new shelter house will be constructed from a kit purchased by the city, according to Flaws. Once the concrete work around the site is finished, city workers and volunteers are expected to erect the cedar structure which will offer restrooms, a covered picnic area and a kitchen/serving area.

A new playground area is also being added at Nokomis Park. Equipment similar to what has been installed at East Twin Park is being installed by city workers. Flaws said concrete has been poured and work is moving along at the park, which is home to the Middleton Sports Complex and the Carl Rhoer Skating Rink.

“I think this park will see a lot more use,” said Flaws as he surveyed the new playground.

Across town at Wehrheim Park on North Terrace Drive, city staff have completed the groundwork for a new basketball court. Flaws said that the court will have an asphalt coating applied when some of the city streets are paved this year.

“When the contractor is in the area, they’ll come over and do the court,” he said.

Repairs are also underway at the Brewer Creek Shelter. Peterson Construction is working to shore up the concrete around the shelter as well as repairing the support beams of the structure.

Flaws said to Kendall Young Park is also receiving some special attention this spring, with a crew tuckpointing the stonework at the entrance to the park.


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Last modified: May 4, 2021

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