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WCFD welcomes new cadets

July 3, 2020

Four new cadets have begun training with the Webster City Fire Department.

Fire Chief Chuck Stansfield said the four young men are Skyler Scott, Connor Hanson, Dew Schwering and Charlie Stansfield.

The new opportunity through the Webster City Fire Department to reach out to young men and women in the community.

“This gives them a chance to be part of a great organization and to give back to their communtiy through service,” according to Chief Stansfield.

On Thursday, the group went through orientation and began training. The cadets learned about fire hydrants and the equipment on Engine 33.

Firefighters helping with the orientation were Capt. Andy Sowle, Capt. Jermony Estlund, Mark Ferguson, Dakota Feikert and Steve Hanson.

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Last modified: July 8, 2020

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