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2020 Second Street Reconstruction Project update

March 19, 2020

Effective March 23, 2020, Second Street will be closed to all east-west traffic between Beach Street and Prospect Street effective through November 2020.
Access to a residence or business will be through the alley or side street. Detours will be in place and business signs will be installed over the next two weeks along the detour routes to direct customers to each respective establishment.
The initial work on the project over the next few months will include roadway pavement removals, installing new sanitary sewer, and installing new water main through the project corridor. Several franchise utility companies are relocating their facilities along the project corridor, and will be completing this work over the next several months.

Mail Service:  The contractor is contacting the postmaster in Webster City for delivery requirements.  If your current mailbox cannot be used, temporary mailboxes will be setup and notices will be provided to you on the temporary locations.

Garbage/Recycling Service:  We ask that instead of taking your garbage to the front of your home, that you take it to the back alley so that The Trash Man is able to access it.  The day garbage/recycling is picked up will not change.

Sanitary Sewer Service: Sanitary sewer services will be replaced inside the public right of way as part of the project.  Disruptions to sewer service is not anticipated.

Water Service: Water services will be replaced inside the public right of way as part of the project. A temporary disruption to water service to individual properties will be required during connection to the new water main. The Contractor will coordinate the timing of the disruptions with each affected owner at least 48 hours prior to the new connection.

Sidewalk Access: Sidewalks along Second Street are being replaced as part of the project.  During the construction, access to the sidewalks along Second Street is not permitted.  Sidewalk access along the side streets, First Street, and Third Street will remain as it does today.

We appreciate your cooperation during this project.

Last modified: March 19, 2020

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