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Team asks to plant tree in memory of Kent Harfst

November 5, 2019

The Webster City High School Cross Country team approached the Webster City City Council Monday night to ask for permission and guidance to plant a tree in honor of the late Kent Harfst.

Harfst, the Webster City director of recreation and public grounds and assistant city manager, died following a bicycling accident near Sioux City on Sept. 28. He had been an avid supporter of the cross country team and his son ran for the Lynx.

The cross country team had sent a letter to the city council asking permission to purchase and dedicate a tree in Harfst’s honor to be planted somewhere along Brewer Creek Park Trail.

“We’ve been known to train in that neighborhood and would appreciate the opportunity to remember Kent as we pass by,” the letter reads. “We’d appreciate your help in determining the exact location and the type of tree which would best benefit the trail if you think this is a good way to remember our friend and benefactor.”

During Monday night’s meeting, Mayor John Hawkins read the letter aloud.

“I knew Kent pretty well and he would love a tree specifically in his memory,” said council member Brian Miller.

Hawkins said that it was very thoughtful of the team to make this request and added that this probably won’t be the last similar request the council will receive.

The entire council is on board with the request and now the team will work with the city grounds department to determine an appropriate species of tree and a location at which to plant it.


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Last modified: November 5, 2019

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