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Jones asks city for clear direction on his property

May 21, 2019

Tony Jones, a Webster City business man who was issued a notice to clean up property near a busy downtown intersection before Junquefest told the City Council Monday that he wants to be a good citizen, but he’s confused.

Jones said he was willing to do his part to spruce up his space near the intersection of Second and Superior streets, but he said he wants the playing field to be even.

“I want everybody else to play the game too,” he said.

Jones and his family own T&D Handyman. At issue, he said, was stacked wood that he uses for heating an a camper that is parked on grass.

“We will work with you,” Councilman Logan Welch said.

But that was after Welch explained that, without being on the agenda, the Council could take no official action on Monday.

Jones said he’d gotten a letter about a month ago and had done some work on his property since, but that he would not be in full compliance by this weekend, which is when Junquefest is taking place in downtown Webster City.

“I just need some options,” Jones said. “Or a correct answer as to what to do.”

Jones said he would like to have his parcel rezoned for his business.

He said he loves Webster City, and loves doing business in Webster City.

“Your bigger issue is the future,” Councilman Brian Miller said.


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Last modified: May 21, 2019

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