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Second Street rebuild idea advances

May 7, 2019

The concept of rebuilding a long stretch of Second Street in Webster City advanced Monday when the City Council hired an engineering firm to prepare plans for the job.

The council hired Snyder & Associates, of Ankeny, to prepare plans for the project at a maximum cost of $584,300.

The contract is written so that the city can cancel it at any time and just pay for the work the firm did prior to the cancellation.

”We can pull the plug at any time,” Public Works Director Ken Wetzler told the council.

The project would encompass Second Street between Prospect Street and Overpass Drive. It would include complete reconstruction of the street, new 12-inch diameter water mains, new 15-inch diameter sanitary sewers, storm sewers, street lights and sidewalks.

The initial idea for the project presented last month would divide the work into two phases. The first phase would be between Prospect and Beach streets. It’s estimated to cost $5.6 million.

The second phase would be from Beach Street to Overpass Drive. It’s estimated to cost $3.4 million.

Councilman Matt McKinney was absent from the otherwise unanimous vote to award the contract.

In another road-related matter, the council hired Habhab Construction Inc., of Webster City, to perform concrete repairs on Oakwood Drive, Fair Meadow Drive and Bicentennial Court. The company will be paid $51,364.

Webster City street crews will be getting a new facility to work out of in the near future, and the council hired Snyder & Associates to prepare plans for it. The company will be paid a maximum of $60,000 for that work.

The new facility will be a 60-by-200-foot building to be constructed next year.


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Last modified: May 7, 2019

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