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Precautions you should take as spring and potential flooding approaches

March 11, 2019

If you currently reside within or near the flood plain in Webster City, there are certain precautions that you should take to protect yourself, your family and your property. The City and other government agencies are not responsible for protecting individual private properties, however, we will assist you to the extent we can. Below are some recommendations that we recommend that you look into.

Flood Insurance: Flood insurance is available through the Federal Government and you should seriously consider purchasing this insurance if you do not already have it. Your normal house insurance will most probably not cover many of the issues associated with flood damage, and the City is not liable for any of these damages. You should also check with your regular insurance carrier to find out exactly what your policy covers and make sure you are covered for such things as water coming into your basement from non surface water. You should also check to see if your policy covers you and your home for sewer backups.

Sandbags: It is your responsibility to protect your property and you should have a supply of sandbags on hand. If you need to know where to obtain sandbags to keep on hand, please contact the Webster City Fire Department at (832-9131). The City will upon request provide sand for the sandbags. To have sand delivered, to City designated locations, please contact the Webster City Police Department at (832-9166) and they will contact the appropriate city staff. Sandbags are a minor cost to protect your property. PLEASE NOTE: SAND DELIVERY LOCATIONS WILL CHANGE AS THE RIVER LEVELS CHANGE.

Sewer Line Backup: If you believe that your property is likely to experience sewer line backup from rising water, there are valves that you can have installed by an authorized plumber that will stop this from happening. Once this valve is installed, you as the owner can then close the valve to stop sewage from entering your home and causing damage that may or may not be covered by insurance. Once this valve is closed, you should refrain from using any water as it now has no place to go with the valve shut. More than likely, the City will not be responsible for any sewer backups during a flooding situation.

Pumps: If your house is likely to take water either from flood waters or infiltration into your basement, you should have a pump(s) on hand to pump out water and minimize damage to your property. Be aware that should water rise to a level in your home that your electrical system is in danger of being reached by rising water; you should contact the City Electric Department (832-9159) to have your electric service disconnected. Disconnecting your electric service would be necessary to prevent accidental electrocution and reduce the chance of fire. If this happens, obviously your pumps will no longer be operable. Here again, you can also contact the City Police Department (832-9166) to have this done and they will in turn contact the appropriate City staff. The City is not responsible for pumping out private property and will not be providing this service to any homeowners.

Weather Radio: Everyone should own a weather radio to insure that they have adequate notice of impending bad weather and flood conditions. The notice provided to you and your family by this service will insure that you and your family have adequate notice to safely evacuate if necessary and as much time as possible to protect your property. Living in or near the flood plain, this is even more critical to you and your family and at a very low cost.

The City will continue to do everything it can to insure the health and safety of its citizens and take the precautions it can, but living in the flood plain, you also need to take the measures necessary to protect yourself, your family and your property.


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Last modified: March 11, 2019

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