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H/M Tax Board votes to award more than $100K in grants

December 13, 2018

by ANNE BLANKENSHIP – Daily Freeman-Journal

More than $100,000 in Hotel/Motel Tax Grants were approved for funding by the H/M Tax Board Tuesday night.

Eight projects were funded by the board and will be sent on for final approval to the Webster City City Council. The board, Andy Sowle, Keri Holmes, Linda Conaway and Kyle Swon, reviewed each of the applications before assigning a dollar amount. Board member Kristin Crystal was absent from the meeting.

On Monday, the board heard presentations by the applicants, including All Cultures Equal, Arts R Alive, Hamilton County Conservation, HERO, the Jane Young House, the Hamilton County Speedway, Willson Brewer Park and the Webster City High School Band Boosters.

Funding recommendations were as follows:

• ACE — $10,000 for renovations to the commercial kitchen. The group had requested $48,458. Board members encouraged ACE to do more fundraising, but supported the idea of bringing the commercial kitchen into use as a funding avenue.

• Arts R Alive — $7,945 to fund direct expenses for an artist. The project was funded at 88 percent of the request.

• Hamilton County Conservation — $5,000 for a media package for the 100th anniversary of the Briggs Woods Park. The group had requested $11,760. The board members suggested that Conservation seek out other funding sources as well.

• HERO — $15,000 for the Webster Theater. Board members said the organization has a proven track record and the facility serves as an enhancement to the community. The fact that HERO will provide matching funds was also attractive to the board members.

• The Jane Young House — $4,690 for attic repairs, a sign and marketing. The group had requested $13,790. The board members funded the top three priorities for the project.

• The Hamilton County Speedway — $40,000 for improvements at the track. Board members said they liked the direction of the project and encouraged the speedway to seek out other funding sources.

• Willson Brewer Park — $14,469.20 funded, the full amount requested. The board cited the facility as an enhancement to the community as well as being a welcome center for visitors.

• Webster City High School Band Boosters — $5,000 for new marching band uniforms. The group is trying to purchase 80 new uniforms. The funding will provide just over 10 new uniforms.

The board declined to fund the Hamilton County Veterans Group for a proposed memorial near the Avenue of Flags building on Ohio Street. Board members said they would like to see the group begin by selling pavers to raise funds and to break the request down into multiple projects.

The H/M Tax Board will make its recommendations to the City Council Monday night during the council’s regular session.


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Last modified: December 13, 2018

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