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Council awards contract for intersection project

May 23, 2018

Con-Struct Inc. of Ames turns in low bid for Fair Meadow-Superior revamp

By ANNE BLANKENSHIP, Daily Freeman-Journal Managing Editor

The City Council of Webster City Monday night awarded the contract for the Superior and Fair Meadow intersection project, a project that had met with some resistance from area residents at recent meetings.

The project calls for moving the curbs to create a wider turning radius on all four sides of the intersection; creating a right turn lane for traffic heading south on Superior Street; and maintaining a left turn lane and a lane for traffic heading south on Superior Street.

At recent meetings, local citizens presented petitions signed by several hundred area residents calling for the removal of the intersections concrete medians. At the April 2 meeting, Councilman Matt McKinney said he appreciated the fact that so many people signed petitions regarding the intersection. But he added that petitions are only one thing he considered when he voted to keep the medians. He said he also considered cost and safety. The cost of removing the medians has been estimated at about $140,000. The council declined to revisit its decision to keep the medians.

Following a public hearing Monday night, with no written or oral objections, the council unanimously green-lighted the project by approving plans, specifications, form of contract and the estimate of cost.

The contract was awarded to Con-Struct Inc. of Ames with the low bid of $507,346. Five other firms turned in bids ranging from $535,680.60 to $578,415.50.

With the addition of the 5 percent contractor’s contingency fee, the total construction costs are expected to be $532,713.30. Engineering costs are $82,400, bringing the total project in at $615,113.30.

Kwik Star, which plans to build a convenience store on Fair Meadow Drive west of the intersection, has committed $412,800 to help pay for the project, according to Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez, city manager. That brings the city’s portion to $202,313.30, he said.

The estimated completion date is for September or October, depending upon weather delays.

“It’s going to be a bit of a concern for everyone for a while,” said Mayor John Hawkins, pointing to traffic disruptions during construction.

Ken Wetzler, public works, said there could be several ways traffic could be handled during construction, including routing around the courthouse using Fair Meadow, Hospital Drive and Red Bull Division Drive. He also said at times, access to businesses in the area, such as McDonalds, Kmart and WCF Financial Bank, may be routed from Des Moines Street to Fair Meadow.


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Last modified: May 23, 2018

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