Sanitary Sewer Cleaning

The City of Webster City has contracted with Hydro-Klean to clean sanitary sewers in Webster City.  Affected areas have been notified by mail. 

Residents in the notified areas are reminded to take the following precautions during this time as some homes may have inadequate or partially blocked drain vents which may cause “P-traps” (the little S shaped bend in the pipe under sinks and drains) to be sucked dry.  Should you notice a sewer smell resulting from this, run a little water in your drains to refill the P-traps.  It is recommended that you put the toilet seat(s) down and cover floor drains with an old car floor mat, rug, or carpet scrap on the days that the sewer cleaning is scheduled.  This will minimize any possible splashing of the P-trap water in homes that are poorly vented.   

Hydro-Klean Schedule for August 7 – 11:

1300-1500 Blocks of Division St.

1st St. from West Avenue East to the Boone River

2nd St. from Lamperts East to the Boone River

3rd St from Fair Ave. to Broadway St., Including Clark St.

Industrial Park Rd. from Mackinley Kantor Dr.,  to Overpass Dr. to James St.

Overpass Dr. on James St. to Broadway, including E. Curve & W. Curve Dr., Wood, John, & Funk Streets


The contractor’s work day hours are between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

City of WebsterCity  

Public Works Department